Hello my lovely friends. Check this out!

I write music and have been for the past decade now. I do all sorts of stuff, from Trance to Classical to Drum & Bass to Electro House. 

Here are a few of my tracks I’d like for you all to hear. :)

"Surge" — Trance “De novo” — Classical “Psychotic” - Drum & Bass “Phantom” - Electro House  

Anonymous says: Have listened to your tracks on soundcloud, good stuff. Did see that you don't seem to have the following you deserve. I have a mate who is in a band, he recommends "soundcloudmanager". You should check it out

This is the second spam message I’ve received about “someone visiting my Soundcloud and checking out my music” and that I should check out this, “Soundcloud Manager” which is a crock of fucking shit scheme for money. Fuck you, you piece of shit. Go bother someone else. 

I don’t even care if you’re a bot, I’m gonna say this publicly: Don’t fuck with people’s emotions like that. I actually felt kinda nice when I saw that someone listened to my music and when it turned out to be spam, it kinda got under my skin a bit.

In conclusion, you’re a scumbag. Go die.