Hello my lovely friends. Check this out!

I write music and have been for the past decade now. I do all sorts of stuff, from Trance to Classical to Drum & Bass to Electro House. 

Here are a few of my tracks I’d like for you all to hear. :)

"Surge" — Trance “De novo” — Classical “Psychotic” - Drum & Bass “Phantom” - Electro House  

waiting for the day that someone is sincerely and genuinely attracted to me as much as I am attracted to them.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Tumblr! :)

Definitely does not feel like anything close to being Winter here in North Carolina right now, although TECHNICALLY Winter doesn’t begin until TOMORROW. 

It’s so nice out. :D

So, yeah. Heading up to Pennsylvania tomorrow for Christmas stuff. This’ll be my second year going up there since I moved down here to NC.

My family always has these big Christmas’ (I come from a big family, 7 of 8) and they’re always nostalgic for me, so I’m pretty excited. :)

Anyway, I’ll be gone for about 7-8 days, but I’ll still be logging in to Tumblr my way to an early death. 

Cheers, guys! 

My good friend on Facebook reminded me of how much I would like to have a cuddle sesh with Aubrey Plaza and Jennifer Lawrence at the same time while eating tacos and pizza. 

Yeahhh. Let’s make it happen.

Anonymous says: Have listened to your tracks on soundcloud, good stuff. Did see that you don't seem to have the following you deserve. I have a mate who is in a band, he recommends "soundcloudmanager". You should check it out

This is the second spam message I’ve received about “someone visiting my Soundcloud and checking out my music” and that I should check out this, “Soundcloud Manager” which is a crock of fucking shit scheme for money. Fuck you, you piece of shit. Go bother someone else. 

I don’t even care if you’re a bot, I’m gonna say this publicly: Don’t fuck with people’s emotions like that. I actually felt kinda nice when I saw that someone listened to my music and when it turned out to be spam, it kinda got under my skin a bit.

In conclusion, you’re a scumbag. Go die. 

Girl: Ask me anything! I don’t bite. :3

Boy: Hey. I saw we have a lot in common and you seem pretty cool. Would you like to chat sometime?

Girl: Go away.

Again, why I poke around my ex’s Facebook is beyond me. It just makes me feel like shit. 

Fuck you, brain. Fuck you, emotions. Get outta here. 

Being on Tumblr fucking sucks sometimes. I see all these amazingly talented and beautiful people and I can’t be with any of them.