My time is being occupied by Pinterest right now. I like how I can categorize everything. I don’t have a customized page like with Tumblr, but it’s nice to be able to go into “Art” and see all of the art I’ve saved, or “Photography”

Back from the family reunion in Virginia. It was a really good time. Amazing food, good drink, great conversations and good times. Back in Raleigh now! Hope everyone has had a great weekend so far. 

Aaaaand home. Today was fucking super mega awesome at work. Everybody did their work, we got out on time and I have 4 days off. Mini vacation commence. 

Fuck yeahhhhh! 

It’s my Friday! Work until 10:30 tonight and then poppin’ open a bottle of vodka and drowning myself in art and music and possibly Hearthstone or Diablo. :)

I’m typically very picky with whom I give my energy to. I prefer to reserve my time, intensity, and spirit exclusively to those who reflect sincerity.

Going old school with some London After Midnight this afternoon. <3

I love Tumblr, but some of the shit that is reblogged on here, thousands of times, is baffling to me. Yeah, you’re 17 and you got your shit pushed in and now you’re complaining about it. 14,000 other teenagers are now agreeing with you and now you feel righteous and entitled because your opinion is being broadcast and perpetuated by other teenagers through a myriad of sepia filters and one liners over nature photos. I understand the difficulties that one might face at that age, because yeah I’ve been there, but don’t get a big fucking head. Stay the course. Think objectively. Be selfless. 


Sometimes staying silent doesn’t mean you don’t have anything to say, but everything to say.

This kid didn’t know how to use a broom and dustpan. I’ll just start off with that. 

Holy shit. Yet another incompetent trainee today. Slow, almost unwilling to do anything I tell him to do directly. I don’t have time to tell someone to do something 2-3x. It’s exhausting. I have shit I need to do. This is the restaurant business. And these are all students. Most of them getting their Masters in Engineering. Granted, most of the people I’ve trained are foreign, and don’t understand English very well, but the drive to multitask, and get shit done efficiently is zero. I lead by example, yet they don’t mirror any of it. 

Fuck, man. /rant

Finding it hard to make friends who will just get drunk, play video games and share/make art together. As much as I think I need to go out to meet people and “experience the world”, it’s not something that suits my personality too well. Sure, I’ll go out to check out a movie, go to work, or get the basic necessities like food and things I need for the house, and a night walking downtown can be fun, but dude. I’m such a homebody. It feels nice to just crash and chill out at home most of the time. 


Train a guy who will eventually be replacing me for nights, which is 3-10:30pm

Preface: I work in a dining hall which consists of four micro restaurants at a busy University. We serve businesses and students on campus. The work consists of a number of different things. I do cash register, I clean tables (tables need to be cleaned at all times), I take out the trash, I take out all of the cardboard (and most of the time the cardboard isn’t even broken down, like it’s supposed to to be, which adds more time onto everything) I make sure all cups and lids and straws are stocked on the floor and stocked in their respective cupboards to stock what’s on the floor, I make sure the mustard/ketchup/mayo dispensers are stocked (which involves cleaning them out thoroughly and refilling them) I make sure all the napkins in the entire dining room area are full. At 9pm, 9:30pm, and 10pm I break down the soda stations. I make sure the entire dining room floor is clean, all while ringing people up. It’s nearly an impossible situation for one individual.

And yeah, it’s not that easy being the only cashier training someone who barely speaks English, doesn’t understand our currency, and doesn’t understand the concept of, “pick up the fucking pace.” 

Cut me a little slack will ya, guys? I’m busting my fucking ass off. And clearly one of the only people here doing so. Shit turned sour when I left mornings, and guess what? Shit’s gonna turn sour when I leave nights to go back to mornings. Guarantee it. Hire better people, and try to hire more of them.

Damn. It’s 73 with a cool breeze here in Raleigh. Feels good. :)

Even though I just laid in bed for 11 hours and felt like I didn’t get any sleep at all, I feel pretty renewed from this weekend. Still want this week to be over, though. Also family reunion up north this weekend, so that should be interesting. 

I think I’ve reached a point where trying to seek out companionship isn’t as important to me as it previously was. I’ve always been the kind of person to feel the need to always be with someone. I would definitely enjoy that, but at this point, it just has to be with the right person. I haven’t felt that click with someone in many years, but when it comes, it comes. I’d rather it happen naturally instead of spending time on OkCupid messaging people.