Anxiously waiting for a Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls beta key. 

C’mon, buddy. Gimme, gimme, gimme. 

Oh and if anyone is interested, I started doing my own edits. You can find them here. 

So far I have my own shots from a heavily modded Skyrim playthrough and some Diablo 3 and Fable ones. 

They’re really fun to do, so maybe I’ll do more? :)

Of course the Nexus mods page goes down right after I do a clean reinstall of Skyrim + mods. 

Fuck. It’s been down like all day yesterday and today. :( 


So D3: RoS is looking to be pretty fucking awesome, mainly because of Loot 2.0 and the item hunt due to lack of AH. That alone makes me want to play again, because I left the game after like 3-4 months because of the AH, but I do have a few concerns. 

Nephalem Rifts need to be changed. There’s no reason to do them over Bounties, except for, “ooh look its a randomized tileset with mobs handpicked from each Act.” That’s really cool, but there needs to be more to it than that. Up the reward or something, I dunno. 

Bounties need to be more dynamic in some way. Not sure how. They’re pretty cool, though.

Legendaries need to be tuned back just slightly. You get them too easily. 

Uhh, PvP please? :) 

That’s it for now, though.