It’s my Friday! Work until 10:30 tonight and then poppin’ open a bottle of vodka and drowning myself in art and music and possibly Hearthstone or Diablo. :)

Finding it hard to make friends who will just get drunk, play video games and share/make art together. As much as I think I need to go out to meet people and “experience the world”, it’s not something that suits my personality too well. Sure, I’ll go out to check out a movie, go to work, or get the basic necessities like food and things I need for the house, and a night walking downtown can be fun, but dude. I’m such a homebody. It feels nice to just crash and chill out at home most of the time. 

Anxiously waiting for a Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls beta key. 

C’mon, buddy. Gimme, gimme, gimme. 

Oh and if anyone is interested, I started doing my own edits. You can find them here. 

So far I have my own shots from a heavily modded Skyrim playthrough and some Diablo 3 and Fable ones. 

They’re really fun to do, so maybe I’ll do more? :)

Of course the Nexus mods page goes down right after I do a clean reinstall of Skyrim + mods. 

Fuck. It’s been down like all day yesterday and today. :(